Saturday, February 1, 2014

let's write again?

It's been awhile. I'm still in the states, a quarter of a way through a grad program, and somewhat settled in DC (though still emotionally connected to the Levant).

Two reasons for picking this up again:
  1. I read my friends' blogs. As someone both lucky and cursed to have good friends scattered across the globe, I've found that--aside from, you know, actually talking to people--reading friends' blogs is a key way to continue feeling close to them. I try to keep my online presence free of demographic details and intimate feelings, but, hey, maybe I can still offer something in return for my friends' thoughts and stories. 
  2. Someone at my work told me that, when hiring me, it was useful to see that I had a blog. Okay.
Nothing profound to report, so, instead, pictures!

My Life: a Photoessay
by Tara.

I live near a water feature 
...that sometimes freezes.
I go to a university with a lot of brains...or at least fruit-like things that look like brains.
(The one on the bottom is me.)
There's a good deal of history around. (This is Harper's Ferry.)
...though I spend my time photographing (strangely anthropomorphic?) squirrels

...and having existential moments

...and looking for free food. 

Okay, enough narcissism for now. If you've made it this far, I'll admit that there's a reason number three why I'm writing again:
3. I find it infinitely easier to describe what I don't know than to describe what I do know. I can tear apart an argument with confidence, but articulating something definite and standing by it makes me queasy. In a world where very little gets done, and where I seem to disagree with a lot that's going on, I suspect I'll be a better functioning member of society if I address these two stumbling points. So here's to trying.
Feel free to check back from time to time if you'd like to read my thoughts on the Middle East, DC, squirrels, etc. If not, no worries, I'll continue writing anyways; I can always count on a core audience of my mom, dad, the NSA, and computer robots. Hi guys (:


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