Sunday, March 18, 2012

I look Arab.

Or at least that's what people here tell me. It's happening more often these days. I'd like to believe it's because I now have amazing Arabic, but, in reality, I think it's because my freckles have faded.

Over the summer I fell for a trashy TV show called Covert Affairs. It's about a young, female CIA operative who speaks a million languages and travels all over the world. In one scene, an Italian captive inquires about her ethnicity.
"...lovely Mediterranean eyes. You have a drop of Italian in you, maybe?"
"I'm American"
"But before that?"
"Before that? I was American."
I go the same route.

I usually just say I'm min asl Amriki, mia b'mia (of American decent, 100%). But sometimes I ask what country they think I'm from. Often people say Jordanian. Recently people have been saying that I look Lebanese. I'll take it as a compliment; Lebanese are generally considered good-looking (either by nature or by plastic surgery). Also they are the palest.

So, to my dear family who was concerned about me blending in: things are going just fine.

At a Muslim cemetery in Egypt. (What type of Arab do I look like?)

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